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Our Mission

Making Live Shakespeare Theatre Accessible to the Heartland

Hoosier Shakes’ mission is to reveal the delight of Shakespeare’s theatre, language, and ideas by producing accessible, quality performances for the audiences of eastern Indiana and beyond and by providing not only exceptional, but also developmental experiences for students, and guest professionals.

Hoosier Shakespeare Festival has a vision to inspire communities in central and eastern Indiana and beyond around the adventure of classical theatre.


our history

Hoosier Shakes was a dream that became reality in the fall of 2015. This was a shared three-year long dream that came to fruition after years of work and planning. Hoosier Shakes became associated with the American Shakespeare Center in the fall of 2012. Their association with the ASC enabled Hoosier Shakes to become what it is today: a professional theatre company based out of Marion, and serving multiple communities in Central and eastern, Indiana.


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What We Do

Hoosier Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit repertory theatre company that specializes in producing outdoor theatre with simple staging practices, live music, and, of course, great quality performances. We hire professional and student artists who, in addition to producing plays, engage in mentorship and artistic development centered around the theatre adventure. 


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About Us: About Us

Our Board

Craig Edwards - President

Jeremy Fiebig - Vice President

Colleen Kennedy - Secretary

Glen Devitt

Sarah Enloe

Cathy Gohmann

James Hayes

Rachel Marley

Michael Moffitt

Craig Persinger

Tim Rockstroh

Pat Travis

Javon Washington

There are currently 3 board member positions available (1 student & 2 at-large).

Contact Tracy Manning ~

Our Staff

Tracy Manning - Executive & Artistic Director

Corwin Daniels - Music Director

Production Intern - Angie DeStefano

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